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The prints are available in a size of 110 x 73 cm and 90 x 60 cm. Other dimensions are available upon request. The size 110 x 73 cm is printed in an edition of 9,  90 x 60 cm is printed in an edition of 30. A certificate of authenticity, by the artist, is supplied with each print. Your Noemi Safir artwork is a fine art print on aluminium produced by Re-Art on HD-finish.

HD-finish has an aluminium panel as a base to which waterproof inks are applied using a heat technique (sublimation) forming the top layer. This high end process results in a revolutionary final product that has no equal. HD-finish supersedes existing techniques such as Lambda, Plexiglas variants, epoxy and Dibond prints. a rear hanging frame (see photos below). A certificate of authenticity by the artist is supplied with each print.

Price of 110 x 73 cm is € 2.750,- shipping and professional packaging throughout Europe is € 195,- Price of 90 x 60 cm is € 1.250,- shipping and professional packaging throughout Europe is € 125,-) all prices are including VAT. Shipping costs outside Europe are on request.

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Noemi Safir

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... The image fragmentation, clear-cut colour shapes
and the reconstruction in a dynamic mosaic are the "trademark" of Safir ...

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Re-Art HDFINISH is a certified product, exclusively produced and supplied by Re-Art, which heralds a new era for photographers, artists, museums and galleries who pursue the highest quality. RE-ART HDFINISHRE-ART, HDFINISH is available in Gloss, Satin , Matt , Metal / Aluminum and MDF Stunning Colours, Exceptional colour gamut range, Colours that really stand out giving an almost 3 dimensional feel to the images, unbelievably durable, very difficult to scratch, 100% water resistant, bleach resistant.

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Noemi Safir was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1971. She lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel and creates multi-coloured paintings of faces and city views. On May 21st, Gallery Patries van Dorst opened the first solo exhibition of Noemi Safir in The Netherlands, Wassenaar. The exhibition will be opened by his excellency Aviv Shir-On ambassador of Israel in the presence of the artist. The portraits of Noemi are usually based on (anonymous) faces, which form their identity during painting. They express Noemi's own emotions and experiences in life, which she paints on the canvases. At the same time, this creates an opening for the viewer to shape their own interpretation.

Her large palette of colours are combined with delicate brushstrokes. Noemi paints a language of emotions that show her love for life, beauty and strength. The image fragmentation, clear-cut colour shapes and the reconstruction in a dynamic mosaic are the "trademark" of Safir. The women shining in her canvas are displayed in a mosaic of bright colours.

The portraits are often180 x 120 cm. In her home country, but also in Miami, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Korea, India, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia, Noemi rapidly acquired many art collectors and enthusiasts in a short period of time. Safir's paintings will be on exhibition until July 21st.

Art Gallery Patries of Dorst is located in the coach house of Castle the Wittenburg in a beautiful leafy area in ​​Wassenaar. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are annually 8 to 10 exhibitions of contemporary modern (international) artists. The gallery is open Mon-Sun from 14:00 to 18:00 (check prior to your visit on the website or call).

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Some questions...

When did you start painting? Do you have an art family background?
There is no background of artists in my family as I know. I discovered painting very early in my childhood. I used to sketch portraits of family and friends all the time. I somehow knew that this is to be my way. The influential people in my life thought otherwise and dismissed my dreams and desires so I turned unwillingly to other more conventional ways. It took me quite some time to discover my art back and truly believe and know that paint is really my greatest passion.

Did you always wanted to become an artist or did you do other studies also?
I always wanted to fulfill my 'artistic being' but at some point, early in life, it seemed like a dream that cannot be realized so I learned other things through university and other high studies. I spent about 20 years developing other careers, in which I felt empty and incomplete until I actually woke up and wasn’t willing anymore to give it up. When the passion woke up again there was no way back for me. It felt so strong that I just had to leave everything behind and start new with great passion, love and knowing that this is my path.

Your style is quite remarkable and unique. How did you discover this style?
Around 4-5 years ago when I felt the breakthrough it seemed like I was breaking the existing habits and believes I lived so far and reconstructing in new ways my new life. I decided I am taking it also to my painting. I started 'breaking' the subjects I was painting, city views and faces, from their realistic view and reconstructing them again with my new interpretation.

How would you describe your paintings or your style? How do you define the colours to make your painting? Do you have a pattern in your mind when you start or does this arises along the way?
The way I use the colors in my paintings and the way I reconstruct the scene, whether it is a portrait or a city view comes to describe and identify the beauty that exists here and now in everything that surrounds us if we allow ourselves to experience it and feel it and put it into our lives. The brush strokes and colors are for me a language of emotions that allows me to pass on the joy of life, beauty, peace, power and the creation of something new. The painting for me is a form of liberation, when I put the color on the canvas I let go and then from this place allow myself to look inside of me and receive every day the beauty and love that are in everything around. Each color on my canvas, like any other person, is a whole world. It is full of power, so I choose to give it its autonomous place. The characters that I paint are based, in most cases, on an anonymous face that, during the process of work, receive parts of identity that come from me, from my life, experiences, from the emotions that arise. At the same time, I like to leave room for the viewer to invent or connect to his story, his dreams. The decomposition and reassembly of the painted image, the game of the stains that force me to go back and forth all the time, are like the creation of life, the creation of reality. We choose to go through experiences that teach us more, focus and improve and then choose and experience again and again.

What is your personal top 3 of your favourite painters or artists who you admire the most?
I love the strong colors of Paul Gauguin and the Simplicity and directness in his paintings. I feel strong passion and magic when I look at Gustav Klimt's paintings The paintings of Picasso feel very powerful and yet simple and clean Van Gogh paintings and colors reveal serenity and charm

Occasionally you paint on commission, for who would you like to make a painting?
I thought for quite some time about this question and it will sound not too sophisticated, but actually I can paint anything I want so I really would like to paint someday two big portraits of my two treasures in life – my girls

In which countries are your paintings sold?
I sold my art in or to: Miami, New-York, San-Francisco, Singapore, Korea, India, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Australia 

You are already a successful artist, what is your next or further ambition?
I like the sound of that, it makes me feel very happy. There is always more. There are always new dreams evolving as I go throughout this wonderful path. From today point of view, I want to reach more people all over the world, I want to explore new cultures and move it to the canvas. I want to investigate more with colour, textures and subjects. I want to expand my art to many other formats. I want to elevate others with my art, with my passion and with my story.

You have made other art than paintings, can we expect that more often?
Yes. It is a new adventure which I am working on and investigating with a partner to build my paintings in 3D format with metal layers. It is an exciting Journey and we already sold some unique pieces.